Photo of Daniel Pascucci

Dan Pascucci is a Member in the firm’s San Diego office.  His practice encompasses complex business litigation, international and U.S. arbitration, intellectual property and unfair competition litigation, and class action defense.  Dan is well-versed in using ADR procedures, and he has successfully handled dozens of complex international and U.S. arbitrations.

Arbitration is often promoted as faster, cheaper, more predictable, and more controllable than litigation. But to many, arbitration’s promise comes up short on delivery. Why? A prime reason is that many parties do not make use of their ability to shape a proceeding that fulfills those promises, and end up with an arbitration that is more time consuming, more expensive, and less predictable than it could have been.

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You presented your case, and the arbitration tribunal came back with a reasoned decision and an award in your favor. You even had the award confirmed here in the United States.  You want to enforce it.  But you find that the award-debtor’s assets are all held in or have been moved to a country that is not a party to the New York Convention.  Now what?

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